Why Rashmi Pant?

Improving Today and Tomorrow: Value Add to the Industry and Academia

RashmiPant.com is a platform designed to deliver the necessary research leadership, consulting, and advisory to both the present market inhabitants in the industry and the leaders of the future who are being shaped in academia.

The pharmaceutical and clinical research industries are becoming the forefront of massive disruption driven by innovation, market dynamics, and evolving regulations. With her two decades of experience in the industry, Rashmi Pant is delivering extensive set of market research, intelligence, data analytics, content production, and custom research services helping industry participants in the USA, UK, and India get competitive advantages and unlock value.

Academic institutions are working on developing academic rigor, curiosity, and intellectual prowess among the young researchers and students. Rashmi Pant is helping such academic institutions create more industry-relevant and value-imparting courses as well as conducting the courses she has designed for the students. Her impact trickles down to the student-development level as well, with her Academic Research Consulting services helping students learn by practice and mentoring.

Across the pharmaceutical and clinical research domain, there are only two forms of knowledge one can possess – the one that is derived by scientific data and the one that is derived by deep expertise & wide experience. Backed by her expertise, Rashmi Pant imbibes both the sides of the spectrum and delivers value across functions.