Rashmi Pant Market Research Services
Empowering Pharmaceutical & Clinical Research Companies to Explore & Identify research based Market Opportunities
Rashmi Pant is an extraordinary market research consultant who helps pharmaceutical and clinical research companies in the identification of research based target markets. This helps in introducing fresh product lines, limiting the scope of existing product lines and exploring profitable business opportunities in the existing market scenario in different markets. Owing to massive experience of working in leading pharmaceutical conglomerates as a market research professional, Rashmi Pant enjoys high expertise in analyzing market trends and patterns. Her research-based approach helps in creating accurate research based market identification reports that help companies in staying ahead of competitors in a dynamic business environment.
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Helping Students Gain Necessary Industry Insights
through Research Guidance with data collection via secondary research.

Rashmi Pant is a highly-respected professional having massive experience of conducting various training programmes and workshops for students and professionals, alike. She uses her massive experience and expertise in pharmaceutical and market research domains to design industry-oriented workshops that help in gaining significant practical insights.

Rashmi Pant became an instrumental and indispensable pillar for a leading university and helped them design and execute a two-day workshop for management students. The programme covered the topic of Industrial Analysis and Analytical Communication and was a compulsory assignment for Third -year students under the 3-year BBA programme with batch size of greater than 200 students.

The students were given the basic guidelines on data collection on day 1 and on Day 2, 3 and 4, the students were expected to present their work on the data collection and analysis along with a brief write up of their findings.

Designed and executed to interpret the relevant analysis of 30 different markets, the 4 -day programme was conducted for 4-5 hours daily. During the programme, 200 students were assigned 30 unique markets and detailed instructions were provided to them to complete the assignment at each step. The students were guided about which keywords to use, which variables to collect, which ones to index and other aspects. Relevant market dimensions were attached to the research project scope for insightful analysis.

The programme helped the students in understanding the concepts of market creation using directory search and compilation. Each group of students participated vigorously in the workshop and collated the data relevant to their assigned market territory. This workshop was a pre cursor for students to warm up their understanding on industrial insights and enhancement of their analytical skills.


Conference Participation at Oakbrook Business School

OAKCOM 2018 - The two days International Conference on "Innovative practices in Business". The conference witnessed 53 Paper Presentations which were selected in the double blind Peer Review process out of 91 Abstracts from different Part of India and few Papers from countries like USA and UK. All the Papers selected through double blind Peer review process were published with ISBN No. 978-81-937673-2-0.

Digital Mailers going towards Dinosaur Age under the sub theme of Innovative Marketing Strategies


In this world of technology, digitalization is blooming in the arena of our lives. One of the key areas where digitalization is playing a role is in the area of digital marketing via mailers. The mailers carry varied content ranging from simple text, images, video links, brochures, and a combination of almost everything. The objective of digital marketing via mailers is primarily to act as a vital influencer. Th influence can be variable. It can be related mainly to awareness or create a purchase need, etc.