About Rashmi Pant
Pioneer in Delivering Research-based Solutions for Pharmaceutical & Clinical Research Companies around the Globe
Rashmi Pant is an independent market research consultant with 15+ years of experience of working for pharmaceutical and clinical research companies. Rashmi Pant holds a graduate degree from prestigious University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai along with Management degree with a specialization in market research. She helps pharmaceutical companies in market research by developing research-based customized reports, identifying potential markets for existing or new product portfolio through research, developing research-based therapeutic content and conducting large volume data analysis.
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Case #1

Designing & conducting 1-day scientific research-based behavioral modeling programme for undergraduate students

Rashmi Pant believes in passing on the benefits of her experience and expertise to the next generation. She helps students in becoming work-ready by conducting scientific research-based behavioral modeling programmes for grooming students for interviews and soft skill & communication skills development. Read More


Case #2

Designing & Conducting 1-day Material Management Workshop for an established player in the steel industry, 2017

Rashmi Pant has helped many organizations in keeping their employees updated about latest developments in the industry segment. She designs and conducts special training sessions and industry-oriented workshops for employees at all levels, helping them stay abreast with latest technological advancements. Read More