Youth –The Future

Youth –The Future

Defining the personality of today’s youth is a complex task. The Youth of today exist in various types, i.e. ambitious, energetic, quick thinker, technology friendly, intelligent, fashion conscious, budding entrepreneur, innovative and wants to succeed in life at an ever energetic pace.

All qualities which exist in today’s youth either exist all together or in bits and pieces. All these qualities make the youth particularly in India, the future of the nation.  The graduate youth of today in my opinion is a highly confused personality wanting to pursue too many “aims “at a single point of time. Some of these aims and aspirations come from already existing successful and known personalities and some are acquired form social and peer pressures. Not knowing what to do as the next step in one’s life with respect to ambitions and goals is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s youth. Trying to understand them is a challenge for all.

One of the aspirations which are completely missing in today’s youth (this may sound quite blatant, yet I would like to place it) is the minimum sincerity and hard work required to complete any assigned task. This statement does not wish to stand against those youth who are on the path of a laborious approach. Hard work and sincerity remain as mere fillers   in the curriculum vita of today’s youth and seldom reflects in their aspirations.
Another key aspiration which remains absent is the “sense of ownership” for their values which may be political, social & economic. The political, social & economic values define a youth’s citizenship in the country. However, the youth merely considers the all of these terms present text books or in word of the freedom fighters.
The rising belt of competition and the race to become a “visible identity”   in the world refrains the youth of today from thinking clearly for himself and the nation.

Key Challenges in the life of today’s youth

  •  The youth of today- focused or confused
  • Aspirations of today’s youth
  • Sincerity towards their own aims
  • Sincerity/respect/concern towards others (Peers, juniors, parents and related people)
  • Confidence
  • Importance of money in the life of today’s youth- Quick or hard earned
  • Importance of leisure the life of today’s youth- Quick or hard earned
  • Stability of the youth’s mind
  • Influence of culture on the youth’s mind-Indian scenario
  • What are the factors which influence the mind of today’s youth?
  • What are the similarities and differences between the youth of yesterday (can be your parents, elders, people you admire, etc.) and youth of today?
  • What is always on the top of the mind of today’s youth-Money or leisure or both and why
  • Is today’s youth complacent about his/her future knowing that life will find its way
  • Destiny, faith-are these significant words for today’s youth. Cite any other words of importance in the life of today’s youth
  • Thinking process of the youth in developed countries versus the developing ones. Is today’s youth global?

The word youth is spelt with “Y” which is pronounced as “why”… The story begins