Digital Mailers going towards Dinosaur Age under the sub theme of Innovative Marketing Strategies

Digital Mailers going towards Dinosaur Age under the sub theme of Innovative Marketing Strategies

Conference Participation at Oakbrook Business School

OAKCOM 2018- The two days International Conference on “Innovative practices in Business”. The conference witnessed 53 Paper Presentations which were selected in the double blind Peer Review process out of 91 Abstracts from different Part of India and few Papers from countries like USA and UK. All the Papers selected through double blind Peer review process were published with ISBN No. 978-81-937673-2-0.


In this world of technology, digitalization is blooming in the arena of our lives. One of the key areas where digitalization is playing a role is in the area of digital marketing via mailers. The mailers carry varied content ranging from simple text, images, video links, brochures, and a combination of almost everything. The objective of digital marketing via mailers is primarily to act as a vital influencer. Th influence can be variable. It can be related mainly to awareness or create a purchase need, etc.

In today’s competitive business environment, it is important that digital marketing via mailers reaches the desired audience at regular intervals. Organizations are continuously eager to innovate their ways of doing business with their customers as well telling the masses of their brand existence wherever applicable. Not all digital mailers achieve the desired results as predicted by the organization marketing experts. Many of the mailers may even skip the attention of the desired audience because of too many received at regular frequencies from varied sources, Mailers may not be interesting, emails boxes may be choked, or mails getting returned, etc.

In the last 5-7 years, organizations have resorted to digital marketing practices to gauge customer attention or as a part of the customer engagement activities. The trend is a routine practice of all organizations. The net impact of digital marketing mailers can be assessed with the following example:

If number of organizations in a particular year to start with are 100 and with a presumption that around 20% -30% are in digital marketing with mailers as their key promotion activity (say 1 mailer a week) to say more than 1 lakh emails (individual) a week with 2-5 % returned (bounced rate) would be a large volume crossing 52 lakh mailers per organization.

Hence once can imagine the rate at which the end user would be receiving the quantum of the mailers. Overall this may reduce the impact of digital mailers to a large extent and if this trend continues, digital mailers would perish soon in the coming decade. The “remembrance” /memory of the audience would come down slowly leading to the demise and fossilization of the digital mailers.

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