Academic endorsements

Rashmi Pant research services is recognized for delivering insights into advanced case studies to management students with minimum batch sizes of 50 in each semester at recognized B schools and universities in Ahmedabad in greater than 3 courses per semester.

Research Services Academic portfolio spread (in %)

Research Services research services is well known in the academic circles for providing on demand research guidance to management graduates.

Research services involve guidance on emerging trends in the research topic of choice and also within a particular curriculum. There is a continuous influx of project based queries for research based projects from management graduates who are willing to take up challenging tasks in the industry as well who wish to be wanting to create their own entrepreneurship.

Special Invite as guest speaker at key seminars and academic conferences.

Industry Endorsements

Rashmi Pant’s Research based consulting services for the Industry is well known to provide guidance on challenges emerging in the pharmaceutical and clinical research services domain with the exclusive aid of secondary tools only.

Rashmi Pant Research Services has been recognized by key industry experts in Pharmaceuticals and clinical research as a provider of accurate secondary research services with clear focus on the problem. Rashmi Pant’s research services provides the path to industry experts as to where, when and how much they should invest in primary research.

Special Invite as panellist and speaker at key conferences in Ahmedabad.

Rashmi Pant research services testimonials highlights

Greater than 50 research projects for industry and academia in key business areas and management topics.

Greater than 100 professionals have been imparted research training in macro and micro areas.

Rashmi Pant research services has a track record if writing at least one research paper and article each year in key management conferences, leading newspapers and online publications.

Rashmi Pant research services has more than a decade of experience in understanding research needs of both industry and academia and has capabilities of delivering in the desired time and budget.