Data Analytics

Cost-Effective and Scientifically-Consistent Data Analytics Practices Optimized for Precision.

Data Analytics generally delves into two distinct formats – academic practices which are consistent and industrial practices which focus on applicability. Rashmi Pant’s rich experience on both the sides has helped her develop a platform that is optimized for both a scientifically consistent and yet applicable data analytics approach.

As a clinical research or pharmaceutical operation, your strategic advantage is dependent on your data analytics prowess. Rashmi Pant brings with herself decades of experience in having worked with large datasets and analysed them to provide insights that can transform your operational practices.

Rashmi Pant ensures your entire data analytics practice is consistent with scientific standards and yet produces actionable insights. Usable for both internal research purposes and independent testing, she takes ownership of the entire analytics process from data collection, aggregation, processing, analysis, insight filtering, and result presentation.

Why Should You Go for Rashmi Pant’s Data Analytics Services?

  • Unbiased Approach to Analytics: Internal data can be biased for sunk cost and other behavioral fallacies. By having Rashmi Pant and her team conduct rigorous data analysis, the outcome will be optimized for no biases reflecting in the results. Since the research is governed by extensive NDAs, you can have it sealed and delivered right to your board-room.

  • No Extra Costs for Tools and Platforms: Getting cloud analytics platforms for one data analytics project can be sub-optimal for your overheads. Being an industry practitioner, Rashmi Pant ensures you get the same data integrity without incurring the extra costs on platforms.

  • No Extra Costs for Third- Party Data Acquisition: Rashmi Pant has designed her research process to extract insights from the most granular secondary data, eliminating the need for buying uncleaned and expensive third-party datasets.

  • No Compliance Breach Risks: Since you would not be deploying any data scraping practices or third-party datasets, your research deliverable will be automatically out of the scope of a compliance breach.

  • Comprehensive Insights, Applicable to Both R&D and Production: Having worked on both the clinical research and market-interfacing sides, Rashmi Pant can optimize the research outcome to suit the specific context of your R&D or Production purposes.

  • Practices Consistent with Highest Industry and Academic Standards: Her decades of experience in the industry and across academic circles have shaped her data analytics practices to the highest industry standards for analytical integrity and academic standards for the analytical rigor.

Research-based data analytics services by Rashmi Pant can help you in identifying potential pharmaceutical opportunities, stay abreast with pharmaceutical breakthroughs and conduct further technical research in a specific pharmaceutical domain.

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