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Becoming an academic researcher in the pharmaceutical domain is challenging across undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral phases. Lack of information on data sources, industry practices, and dependence on obsolete academic material can bring your academic project to a standstill even before you step into the industry.

Rashmi Pant brings the optimal understanding of both the academic and industrial practices. She can lend her massive experience and professional expertise to help students develop influential academic projects in pharmaceutical and clinical research domains.

Her experience and expertise as a market research consultant, trainer and visiting faculty help students get relevant and updated research data for high-priority projects. She employs her research skills in acquiring data that can help an academic project in becoming a strong piece of future reference, making a student excel in her/his pharmaceutical/clinical research endeavours.

Why Should You Get Rashmi Pant’s Academic Research Consulting Services?

  • High-Value Mentoring: Rashmi Pant brings the best of both academia and industrial expertise providing both the breadth and depth of knowledge to the students. From getting access to industry-standard practices, to deploying the right research frameworks, Rashmi Pant mentors a selected group of students who get to avail her guidance for a nominal fee.

  • Assured Results: Helps in conducting thorough research, promising better project reports

  • Data-Backed Reporting: Helps in development of strong academic projects backed by relevant and up-to-date data.

  • Get Mentored by an Industry Veteran: Rashmi Pant can help you located industry and academic mentors who can enhance your learning experience in the long run.

Rashmi Pant has an established track record of providing research-based services to pharmaceutical and clinical research companies. Her expertise makes her an ideal academic mentor for students looking towards developing a well-researched pharmaceutical/clinical research project.

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