For Student

How To SEARCH for students.

Guidelines for preparing a situation analysis presentation or a project presentation for students.
Keeping the main topic for example any industrial or service sector in question, research on the aspects of the brand first with respect to the competition

Competition/Market Creation should be the main focus of the research.

Initial Methodology of the research should be secondary desk research.

While outlining competition from secondary desk resources, primarily the internet, it is advisable to refer to at least 15-20 authentic websites.
If available, historic data from government sources or certified agencies & company websites should be considered.
Individual company websites can furnish information with respect name, location, number of products, types of services, listed company, non listed company, website colour.

Target Market can be of 2 types: Direct or Indirect.

In case of a direct target market, outline at least 5 to 10 competitors of the brand. In case the brand is monopoly, and newer brands have a small presence in the market, it is advisable to create a market with an indirect competition or a nearest possible competition.


In case of an indirect target market, at least 5-10 competitors should be considered. In brands are reflecting challenges in data collection alternative methods /ideas /theories/methods other then secondary desk research should be adopted.

 How to Search:

  1. Identify at least 10 key words for your identified  topic and initiate Google search.
  2. Based on each of the key words, identify at least 10 authentic websites.
  3. Present your work in an excel sheet.
  4. The step of preparation of competitor activity which can be done once the websites are finalized and authenticated for research:- Preparation of target market.
  5. The last step is the preparation of the presentation.