Rashmi Pant research oriented services has a portfolio of a range of services for the Industry and academia.

Pharmaceutical and clinical research industry is faced with a host of challenges today in their operations, marketing, outsourcing, etc. both in the macro and micro areas. Further complexity of the respective processes in each area along with the stringent regulations adds to the prevailing challenges. Rashmi Pant’s market research experience and expertise provides an accurate and desired path to its clients. Clients can then avoid the risks which they may face in their decision making process.

Academic institutions face challenges in execution of their assigned projects from industry or related areas . Rashmi Pant’s research offers management oriented consulting services which can create and provide a visible solution to the identified problems keeping in mind the clients priorities, budget and timelines.

Another aspect of guidance and consulting is offered by Rashmi Pant’s research service is to management students who are assigned research projects on an ongoing basis.