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The cardio factor: An insight into heart disease
The blood pumping mechanism of the body, ie the heart, is one of the most important organs in the human body. This is one of the organs which experiences extensive stress. The stress which the human heart goes through is because of both internal and external factors. Some of the factors could be genetic in nature because of which there could be abnormalities in the heart at birth. Sometimes changes and abnormalities develop at later stages in life which may have gone undetected earlier.

Needless to say, in most of the problems related to the heart, particularly in the ages of 35 and above, the external environment plays a major role. Stress and untimely eating habits are the two major causes of the rise of heart problems starting with hypertension. In the elderly population heart diseases are prevalent on a primary basis or associated as primary or secondary factors with other diseases like diabetes or the with the disorders of the central nervous system in general. The simplest and most common forms of heart disease is hypertension which is prevalent to the maximum in the working and urban population worldwide.

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