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Diabetes cure: An insight into research post exit of glitazones

Where there is sugar, there are ants and ants are considered to be the most diligent living forms. But when it comes to the sugar disease, ie, diabetes, it is highly challenging to achieve the desired results in clinical trials but also the right investigators and funding for those trials too.

Needless to say, the pharmaceutical industry is always in the pursuit of new drugs for diabetes and big players are continuously in the spree to achieve the required milestones in their field. Diabetes falls under the category of endocrinology when it comes to a pharmacological classification. Out of the 10 new drug applications for endocrinology disorders approved by the FDA in 2014, the number of drugs approved for type 2 diabetes was 5, according to data published by leading clinical trial tracking firm, Center Watch. All of these have been launched by big pharmaceutical companies in the time frame of January-October 2014.

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