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How TO for Entrepreneurs

Some of the words like Entrepreneur; Research; Innovation; Risk Bearing; Technological Up gradation  are the most commonly approached of debate for most upcoming budding entrepreneurs.

How would you arrange those words as objectives of entrepreneurship? How should an entrepreneur approach his business objectives? Should he invest first, should he research first, should he acquire the required skills in technology for his master plan or wait for someone else to start so that he can estimate the “risk” potential and avoid doing  “niche “ business early.


Today’s aspiring youth is faced with these questions time and again when taking the road to entrepreneurship.  They face challenges many of which may or may not be expected. Some of the challenges are resolved as time proceeds but many do remain ongoing. On many occasions potential entrepreneurships do not see the light of the day when faced with challenges with respect to finding the appropriate information and guidance.

HOW TO is the source of the information and guidance that you need if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

HOW TO answers paves the guidance platform for you to arrive at the answers to your questions  as to whether you should go for doing research or do market survey or approach a government body or an investor.

HOW TO makes no claims to be the one stop solution for a successful entrepreneurship strategy nor does it claim to have built pillars of large sizes.

HOW TO acts as your reliable GUIDE on the road to entrepreneurship