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How TO for  Business

Whether you are an investor, a businessman wanting to explore the domains of the Indian geography or anyone with a aim to find out where or what the appropriate opportunity zone and is in need of the desired information, where would be the most convenient place to find.
The answer to this question is HOW TO

What in your opinion are the key parameters to think while doing business in vast country like India?


Most people who are new to the India come with mindsets and myth as to whether they would be able get the appropriate or desired guidance for them to move ahead or would they be stuck for months.
According to the World Bank:

Starting a business ,Dealing with construction permits ,Getting electricity ,Registering a property Getting credit , Protecting investor ,Paying taxes, Trading across borders , Enforcing contracts
And resolving insolvency are some of the parameters for an investment criterion in India.

HOW TO helps you as a guiding platform to understand where and how to find the information with respect to some of the above parameters. HOW TO does not guarantee success in getting a business but paves the way for moving towards creating one
For example where would one find the relevant information for all key parameters for doing business in various parts of the world? How India is positioned with respect to other BRIC nations in terms of “Ease of doing business.”

How TO will help you understand these aspects in detail and provide the necessary information on the ever changing business environment in India with respect to other Asian Nations.