All human beings today are having access to plenty of information on the web (Internet) . All of us know that there is information on the internet but are unable to get the same quickly and accuracy.

A simple methodology which encourages students to find the “right” information quickly.

All Information, data and contacts are available for access on the internet at virtually no cost. But how to reach the desired information in the quickest possible manner? How to arrive at THE information required in the least possible time with the least possible searches and least possible efforts.

How to interpret the available information for educational purposes, library work, research writing content development and later the business purposes.

How to get THE AUTHENTIC information which is of relevance to the work I have picked up?

How to understand any aspect of life better?

For students- The “HOW to criteria” will be mainly education and based on the courses and life skills they have or want to have in the future or in their upcoming future.

For working professionals- The “How to criteria “will be mainly related to their work, their work pressures and their career related pursuits.

For Entrepreneurs or self starters: The “How to criteria “will be based on mainly on their business goals, business skills, business environment, business tactics and entrepreneurial development.

For the masses- The “How to criteria “will be based on the need of the person under consideration.