About the Author

Rashmi Pant introduces the “How To” theory.

The beginning

Rashmi Pant is an expert in Market Research with more than 15 Years of experience in major Industrial sectors in India. Market research has always been a key area in Rashmi Pant’s career climb beginning in the year 1996. A graduate from the premium institute, University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), Mumbai along with a management degree in Marketing with specialization in Market Research, Rashmi Pant set out in her mission to make Market research her long term goal and profession.

Rashmi Pant started her career with secondary research in the Pharmaceutical Industry with well known corporate like Torrent Pharma, Sun Pharma and Intas Pharma in the first 5-6 Years of her career. A growing passion to “differentiate” and “elevate” Market Research to another dimension slowly emerged in the years 2004-2005.

Gradual shift from Pharmaceutical Industry to Clinical Research.

In the year 2005, Rashmi Pant migrated from the Pharmaceutical Industry to the Clinical Research Industry. The Clinical Research Industry in India in the year 2005 was considered as the “sunrise” industry and Mc Kinsey forecasted this industry to grow at an unstoppable pace. In July 2005, Rashmi Pant joined Veeda Clinical Research as Manager , Market Research.

Rashmi Pant’s corporate career touched a new milestone when she was nominated as the first employee of Veeda Clinical Research in 2005 for training in Strategic Marketing in the United Kingdom at a company named Premark Services for a period of 6 weeks.

Rashmi Pant’s key expertise areas during a 10 Year service at Veeda Clinical Research.

  • Innovative, strategic, goal-driven professional with progressive management success in all phases of Marketing Communication, Market Research, Strategic Marketing and Content Management across Pharmaceutical sector & CRO industry (Clinical Research sector).
  • Proficient in strategy formulation through market research & fine tuning strategies to ensure wider market reach & penetration of unexplored market segments.
  • Master organizer with key skills in creating, developing, acquiring, delivering and maintaining quality and consistent content for company website based on management priorities, policy directives, and goals.
  • Adept in corporate communication, image building, leading, growing & managing professional associates.
  • Extensive expertise in handling with the use of the appropriate key words:

1. Collection and interpretation of data from local, regional, national or other areas to determine potential sales of a product, service via freely available sources (mostly online).

2. All phases of the research process, including data analysis and reporting, market analysis & research, etc

  • Online and Offline writing expertise-Content writer for blogs and preparation write ups for management

Rashmi Pant’s Academic skills:

  • Responsible for carrying out learning programs for middle and top management in the area of Business Communication, Soft Skills, Presentation Skills and Communication Skills.
  • Has conducted numerous soft skills and business communication programs in the last 5 years in her present organization.
  • Conducted a training programme with around 17 modules on the Balance Score Card (A book by Nortan and Kaplan) for the strategic management team (L Level management) in Veeda Clinical Research from May –August 2013.
  • Has been invited to conduct a session /s by a premium clinical research institute for students on Marketing /Market research on an ongoing basis In Ahmedabad.
  • Visiting faculty for key management subject for an IMT Ghaziabad affiliated institute in Ahmedabad since April 2012. Have so far successfully conducted sessions for more than 50 students in 4 batches in Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Market Research, MIS, Business Law and Organizational Behavior.
  • Part of key academic exchange programms with US based universities.
    Currently associated as Visiting faculty with Key Management colleges in Ahmedabad namely Shanti Business School, Shanti Communication School and Times Business School